De-Clutter for a Beautiful Mind

We are selling our beloved home and so this past week I made it my mission to get our house looking ship shape all ready for the property press pics and open homes. Time to de-clutter! It made me think that often we don’t do this until it comes to moving house or there is an inorganic collection. It is so easy to accumulate stuff and the more things we accumulate the more disorder it can produce.

The same can happen with people. We can also gather negative energy having people in our life that often don’t serve us to be the happiest, healthiest and most positive of our true selves. Sometimes it takes a catastrophe for us to realise this, so like de- cluttering our house for me I came to the realisation that I needed to de-clutter my brain for a beautiful mind which will in turn help reduce my stress.

Here’s my week on how I freed up some space in my house and my head.

Day 1. De-Clutter your home.

This was not as easy as I thought, as I simply did not know where to begin. As if it was meant to be, a book came up on my feed called  Unf*ck Your Habitat: You’re Better Than Your Mess, a refreshingly realistic guide to cleaning that’s simple, flexible, and adaptable to pretty much any lifestyle. I loved the first chapter – “Nice arse, now get off it”

This combined with the help of our fabulous realtors – Gary and Vicky Wallace from Bayleys who advised my husband and I on what furniture we should move or put into storage was a winning combo! The hard part is departing with things we have been attached to,  however once you get past this, the feeling is so cathartic you end up wondering why you did not do this sooner. As we know the best antidotes to stress is an organised living environment. Less stress, better health – a winning combination to help prevent depression and anxiety as well as brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

By removing a sofa and some clutter made this great living space so much bigger

Day 2 Feng Shui

I was always a little dubious of this but it is incredible when you put it into action. Our office recently had a Feng Shui makeover and it was startling how free, light and happy it felt afterwards. There was a cupboard with a broken door that our desks faced and it was very surprising the positive energy that I felt once it was removed. A big rule in Feng Shui is to repair what is broken immediately or get rid of it!

Our office gained a feeling of lightness & positivity when the broken cupboard was removed

Here are are the basic rules

Feng Shui Rules

Rule #1 – Un-Clutter every room – positive energy must be able to flow throughout the space. With a cluttered space, positive energy can be disrupted by the clutter, which in turn can result in cluttered thinking, and then develop negative energies of confusion and possibly a hidden disgust. Neatness is a root of a harmonious home and a harmonious life.

Rule # 2 – Position all furniture correctly – another way to allow positive energy to flow throughout a space. There should never be furniture out of place. Furniture out of place causes discomfort and in turn distributes negative energy. A space should allow ease of moving throughout the space whether walking through or just casually sitting.

Rule # 3 – Keep work and rest areas separate – working in a space where sleep is happening as well, can add unwanted effects to the other that can either disrupt sleep with work energy or wear down work activities with drowsy effects .

Rule #4 – Repair what is broken immediately – Another aspect of positive energy disruption. Broken furniture, appliances or any piece of equipment of this matter is a carrier of bad energy, fix it or get rid of it.

Rule #5 – Hang mirrors – mirrors are positive energy reflectors that can continue positive energy throughout a space, it also prevents negative energy. Try refraining from putting up mirrors at the front door, as this will deflect positive energy back outside the door and will not allow it to enter the home. Unfortunately I do have a big mirror at our front door and to move this would be a major so this had to stay!

Rule #6 – Display Plants, flowers and fruit around the house – again, promotes positive energy. Refrain from plants with thorns this is not positive energy friendly.

Rule #7 – Install a water feature – water promotes feelings of relaxation and harmony. Even if it’s just a painting or water colors, these features will still have the same effect as say a falling water wall.

Rule # 8 – Decorate with appropriate colors – green = family, yellow= health and red = fame.

Rule # 9 – Avoid sharp lines and corners – sharp corners represent negative energy and prevents calmness and relaxation from stimulating. Keep beds and chairs away from a room’s lines and corners.

Flowers create beautiful energy in a home

Day 3. De clutter your Inbox

The sheer volume of notifications you can get in a day, or even in an hour can lead to a sense of anxiety, whether you’re conscious of it or not. I decided to disable all my notifications that pop-up with every email, alert, and like. By doing this it reduced the sense that I’m being bombarded and have to attend to it immediately. I have put aside 2 hours a week to do a big clean up of my inbox – deleting, filing and answering emails I have put off dealing with. After doing this I aim to have no more than 20 emails sitting in my inbox. This combined with opting out of at least 2 mailing lists a day leaves my head feeling a lot less cluttered. Less brain clutter – less stress.

Make it a habit once a week to do an Inbox clean up

Day 4. Get rid of negative or toxic people in your life

I am lucky to be surrounded by happy and positive people but I guess it is not just luck. I think that if you put out positive energy it attracts positive. Since I started my blog I have reconnected with people that I knew years ago that are like minded and I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and positivity I have received. Apart from a couple of negative comments about me showing photos of my mother in a wheelchair the rest has been incredible. So If you have someone sucking your energy or always putting a negative spin on things cut them out of your life or at least cut back your time spent with them.

I did not have to get rid of any toxic people but what I did have to eliminate from my life was our Indian Blue Ring Parakeet called Blue. It was not just seeing a beautiful bird in a cage every day that made me feel sad I also felt that Blue was not happy and needed to be with other like minded birds in an aviary rather than a small cage. At this point I am looking for a  happy home for her with other feathered friends.

Blue our India Blue Ring Parakeet

Day 5.  Do a space cleansing and house blessing.

This I actually did about 6 months ago and it was incredible how cleansed the house felt afterwards. I was put in touch with a very interesting women who performed a ritual to clear meridian lines from our home and from us. I was a little sceptical, however I kept an open mind. Whether you believe it or not, it can help make a mental shift as it invites positive energy into your home. You want fresh energy to surround you as you move into new projects and to invite new opportunities. 

Doing a house cleanse for me was like mending & clearing some broken emotional areas of our home.

Blessings are not necessarily an ethereal concept. Recently my husband’s office was completely refurbished taking almost two months to complete. The new space was more open and is adopting the concept of “hot-desking” where staff can sit where-ever they like. There is no clutter because every staff member has a locker to keep their personal belongings in. The opening of the new Microsoft office was completed with a blessing performed by Ngai Te Whatua Orakei kaumatua. The Maori blessing was about creating an environment that promoted a positive working relationship between all cultures, regardless of race and religious orientation. It was a truly wonderful event, and my usually stoic and sceptical husband was moved by the experience.

Kaumatua Jim Rauwhero recites a Karakia (Maori blessing)

To complete my de-cluttering experiece I added a smattering of crystals around our house.  Crystals strategically placed not only look beautiful I believe they can create amazing energy. I love Rose quartz as it supports all of the many forms of love: self-love, familial, romance, platonic relationships, and unconditional love. The powers are not only limited to compassion and heart-opening, this beautiful crystal is also used for calming anxieties and helps to work through emotional traumas and depression. I keep crystals next to my bed as they promote peace, serenity, and a tranquil setting.

Rose Quartz creates peace and tranquility

By de-cluttering my head, my life and my home has been a huge awakening on how free you can feel so I urge you to not wait until you are selling your house or you have people that create negativity in your life,  de-clutter now for a Beautiful Mind and see how much lighter you will feel.



Published by: Charlotte Devereux

As a child I was privileged growing up with an entrepreneurial mother, father & grandmother who’s incredible business acumen and innovative spirit passed onto me my love for creating. It’s in my blood. I embrace the power of possibility considering new ways to prevent Alzheimer's & depression as well as delving back in time to ancient rituals . I am in my happiest place when mixing up lotions and potions. I get to fulfil this with my product development role at Girl Undiscovered - 100% wild skincare which I founded with my business partner in 2015. I always try and get in a headstand in each morning for an instant face lift and endorphin rush. A 10 minute meditation helps me to keep calm and juggle a crazy beautiful 8 year old, India and two dynamiyc yet challenging teenagers, Jasmin and Sam as well as an energetic Labrador, August. My previous life as a pregnancy clothing designer for my business EGG has put me in touch with the magical way the body changes and sparked my interest in wellbeing. A natural progression for me in keeping skin healthy, body nurtured and mind supported through exercise, diet and wellbeing. Caring for my darling mother who has Alzheimer's and my journey on the prevention helps me to remember my inner girl as the curious, kind and creative one I continue to want to be.

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