Seven years ago my darling mother age 63 was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s – a generative disease of the brain with no known cure and is ultimately fatal. Since then, I’ve watched a brilliant business woman, a devoted wife and mother, a mentor and my best friend, deteriorate and transform into someone almost unrecognisable. It’s been agonising to slowly lose her. Through the mourning of the mother I once had, I have surprisingly found serenity and healing in becoming one of her carers. My own fear of also getting this terrible disease has driven me to seek ways to prevent Alzheimer’s and to help others one brain at a time. Everyday there is yet more scientific proof that maintaining good health—and even hacking your own DNA can change your life course. 

I will be sharing ground breaking information and my own personal journey on prevention of Alzheimer’s and depression through yoga, meditation, diet, skin and body care, doused with lots of positivity and humour . There may be some sad days and sometimes it may be very raw, but it will also be beautiful, uplifting and real.

This is my mothers story and my journey. 

BEAUTIFULMIND – what you were born with & what you can make of it.