Temple Powders

My fascination with Korean Temple Food where fermenting is key has inspired me to create my own well being powders that I craft to what the body needs. I really love the philosophy of temple food prepared by buddhist monks that comes from the heart with love and awakens your mind. By tailor making a wellbeing powder to suit you, allows me to put my heart and soul into it, getting to the essence of what your body requires.

My Temple Powders will be created to get your gut health back on track. If we have a healthy gut it can lead to so many benefits from the prevention of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s to giving you more energy. Is sleeping a problem? I can help with getting you back on track through advice and my temple powders. I have been an insomniac for years and now sleep incredibly well, so I would love you to have the same benefits. Is your skin dull or are you having hormonal breakouts? I can help with that to get your skin glowing and renewed.

If you would like to find out more please email me – charlotte@beautifulmindnz.com

Your body is your temple, nurture it, give thanks to it and be kind to it, the time is now.